The success of your website depends not simply on its specific content, but on the entire user experience and the latter may be greatly affected by the network connection to the server in which the website is hosted. An excellent site will do no good if, for instance, a few individuals can surf around it very fast, but the channel capacity is low, so other website visitors should wait and are not able to load anything, or if everyone can reach the Internet site, but the overall network speed is very low, so it takes a minute to open a page, let alone to load a large image or a video clip. The network capacity is a factor that may have a substantial influence on your site, so it is something you have to take into account when you select where to host your sites. Large throughput and access speeds will ensure fast loading Internet sites and more happy site visitors.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Cloud Website Hosting
Our machines are located in 3 data centers throughout the world - in the United States, in the UK and in Australia. You'll be able to select the location of your new cloud website hosting account during the signup process, but your website visitors will not be able to tell the difference, since the multi-gigabit connection that we use will guarantee quick loading speeds for your Internet sites whatever the location of the facility which you have chosen. The data centers have direct fiber lines to a number of major cities in their respective regions and use many different Internet backbone providers to ensure quick and constant access to all of the machines. Furthermore, we use new powerful hardware for the network which connects the groups on our cloud hosting platform, to guarantee speedy access to each site hosted on it.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The US data center where we offer semi-dedicated hosting plans has top-notch connectivity to both the East Coast and the West Coast. The accounts are set up on our groundbreaking hosting platform, which uses a multi-gigabit traffic channel, so in case you host your websites with us, the speed with which the visitors will open them shall depend entirely on their Internet connection. The data center uses a variety of Internet providers to ensure that the machines can be reached all the time, even if there are infrastructural issues, while the reliable network within the facility ensures consistent transmission between the independent clusters of web servers that are part of our system. We use enterprise-class hardware, including switches, network cards and firewalls, in order to tackle heavy volumes of site traffic.